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7 Tech Tips & Tools To Improve Your Life

Smartphones, 4G networks, and widely available wifi have put almost the entirety of human knowledge in our pockets. With all of this technology available at your fingertips, there are so many ways to utilize it within your daily life to make things easier. Here are a few quick tech tips to help you improve your…

How Web 3.0 & Blockchain Will Disrupt the Disruptors

Remember when companies like Google, Amazon, eBay, and Facebook were huge disruptors in their industries? They upended their competitors in online search, book sales, reselling, and social networking. Now, these Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 companies are on the verge of being disrupted themselves by the emergence of Web 3.0. The Evolution of the Web Web…

How to identify potentially fraudulent ICOs

The cryptocurrency market in its current state is mouthwatering to investors — and to scammers. Like a box of brownie mix, it promises fast returns with little effort. So many people think they could be the next to strike it rich that investors poured more than $6.3 billion into initial coin offerings (ICOs) in just…

What is Cryptoeconomics?

The word “cryptoeconomics” is a portmanteau of cryptography and economics, and the concept is key to making a functional blockchain. How do you get strangers to work together to create a trustworthy, decentralized network for transmitting and storing encrypted information? How do you get that distributed ledger system to function reliably without a central authority…

What is Ethereum?

If you want to understand what Ethereum is, stop thinking about cryptocurrency for a minute. While the Ethereum blockchain traces its roots to the Bitcoin blockchain, and while it’s associated with a cryptocurrency called Ether, Ethereum is quite different, not because of Ether’s value as a cryptocurrency but because of the Ethereum blockchain’s ability to…

Estate Planning Checklist For Young Families

Planning for the future is not always top priority for young families. When you’re wrangling a toddler, planning beyond next Tuesday can feel like an exercise in futility. Estate planning, however, means that if anything happens to you, your family is protected. Having basic documents in place may be able to help you minimize or avoid…

Top 5 Tips to Master Being an Entrepreneur as a Single Parent

As if being a single parent wasn’t stressful enough, being an entrepreneur completely changes the game. Balancing daycare, doctor’s visits, and school functions alongside running your business is tough. If you’re already a single parent and small business owner, you know the sum of things and people that need your attention is colossal. Failure to…

Divorce and QDRO: Protecting Your Finances

It is no secret that getting a divorce can be financially detrimental—especially to women who are divorcing men.  Many women experience a lower standard of living after divorce, and about 20% fall to the poverty level.  If you haven’t been working outside the home, or have gaps in your work history, it’s especially important to…

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