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Should You Accept Equity Compensation in Lieu of a Higher Salary?

Dreaming of getting rich? To increase your chances of that dream coming true, you may want to consider equity compensation rather than focusing entirely on earning a higher salary. Think about the billionaires in the world. How did they make their wealth? Almost all of them got their high net worth from equity stakes in…

5 Tips for Student Loan Refinancing for Physicians

Once you’ve graduated from medical school and completed your residency, it feels like you’ve finally made it. After years of intense work and effort, you’re ready to put your education, training, and expertise into practice. But if you’re like most young physicians, finally finishing school means just getting started with paying for it. Student loan refinancing can…

When Your Biggest Financial Goal Gets Real: What to Think About Before You Retire

When you were in your 20s and 30s, retirement seemed like a distant dream. But now that you’re in your 40s or 50? It sure looks a lot closer, and it’s fast approaching. To make your retirement the best experience possible – and to enjoy the lifestyle you want once you step out of your…

3 Ways to Create more Recurring Revenue for Your Small Business

Looking for ideas on increasing recurring revenue while decreasing your workload? Businesses large and small are doing just that through the introduction of subscription services. Whether you’ve been in business for a while or are considering starting a new small business, you’ll increase your chance of success with this business model. When you offer products…

Level Up Your Personal Finances

Figuring out how to manage your personal finances can seem like a daunting task. It’s tempting to simply not think about it, or to put off dealing with your money until later. The thing is, the sooner you learn how to make smart, strategic personal finance decisions, the easier it will be to live the…

How to Store Your Cryptocurrency Safely

If you’re going to hold cryptocurrency, as an investment or as a saving device, you need to understand how to keep it safe. Owning cryptocurrencies means taking risks that don’t exist with traditional assets. There’s no government insurance program to refund your money if the exchange that holds your assets goes under. For certain asset…

Are Mini-Retirements Right For You?

With pensions dying out and the responsibility to save enough in your working years to pay for decades of life without a paycheck squarely on workers’ shoulders, the traditional idea of retirement may no longer be realistic for most. That might not be a bad thing, though. Working full-time until 65 or 70 years old, then…

What Estate Planning Attorneys Need to Know About Cryptocurrencies

Matthew Mellon, a cryptocurrency multimillionaire, died unexpectedly in April at age 54. When he did, he took $500 million in Ripple (XRP) with him because he didn’t leave anyone the codes to his cold wallets. There is no central party Mellon’s heirs can approach to recover his holdings. No account statements they can use to…

Eric C. Jansen, ChFC

Fun Facts About Me

When he is not researching the next great stock to add to client portfolios, you can find him travelling frequently with his family to Jackson Hole Wyoming.

Jay Willwerth, ChFC

Fun Facts About Me

Jay’s days are spent helping clients achieve their financial goals, followed by nights and weekends typically watching his daughters play competitive volleyball.

Steven C. Johnson, ChFC

Fun Facts About Me

Steve would tell you that one of the best parts of the day is spent talking to clients and relationships that result from it. When away from the office, he loves to travel the back roads of New England enjoying all the great sites that can be found off the beaten path.

Frederick M. Lane, ChFC, CASL

Fun Facts About Me

When not managing client portfolios, Fred can be found relaxing with family and friends.

Catherine Utley

Fun Facts About Me

Catherine M. Gareri

Fun Facts About Me

When not caring for her clients Cathy enjoys relaxing in her yard at home.

Katie E. Moore, CLTC

Fun Facts About Me

When Katie is not busy taking care of her clients, she spends her time being a mom to her two little ones, Owen and Isla.

Herbert Kyles

Fun Facts About Me

When Herbert isn't reviewing your portfolio or assisting you with your financial well-being you can probably find him relaxing with friends.

Hesper Duval

Fun Facts About Me

Loves spending time with 2 daughters and enjoys participating in 5k obstacle races throughout the year.

Donna Fournier

Fun Facts About Me

When not cheering for the Patriots Donna spends her free time travelling throughout the U.S. looking for new haunted places to explore. She loves wearing her cowboy hat and boots when travelling out west.

Anne Hawkins

Fun Facts About Me

Steve Taylor

Fun Facts About Me

Michelle Mattera

Loves spending time with her son, open-water swimming, and being competitive in any sport.

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