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Financial Planning

Making the right financial choices gives you more life choices.

Financial advice doesn’t have to overwhelm or confuse. The best financial advisors have the ability to explain even the most complicated concepts in simple, easy to understand terms. We are those financial advisors. We will not take up your time by overcomplicating things.

We also understand how difficult it can be to talk openly about your finances, but personalized advice requires trust. We move at your pace throughout the process so that you can feel comfortable every step of the way. Our advisors are caring, unhurried, great listeners, and whether working with you in-person or virtually, provide a safe and encouraging environment for your questions and concerns.

Get More Financially Organized

As life grows more complicated, so do your finances. As part of our Financial Planning process, we provide you with a secure Personal Website that allows you and your advisor to gain a holistic view of your financial situation, and to collaborate in real- time, in the building of your financial plan.

AWM’s customizable, online mobile planning tool aggregates all your financial accounts on one page, allowing you to stay up-to- date on your complete financial picture, at any time, from anywhere. All updated daily to help you stay organized and informed. 

Whether navigating a recent marriage, or divorce, a corporate downsizing, loss of a spouse, or preparing for retirement, transitions can be overwhelming. If you find yourself facing a major life change, need some direction regarding an important financial decision, or simply need to get more “financially organized”, schedule a complimentary consultation today. We offer in-person and virtual financial planning services that include  comprehensive and modular planning options based on your specific needs and planning objectives.

A quick chat, either in-person, over the telephone, or through a video conference with a financial advisor, is an easy, anxiety free way to see if AWM is right for you.