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Financial Planning


What do you want to accomplish?

Get More Savvy About Money

·   Eliminate credit card debt

·   Stop living paycheck to paycheck

·   Increase my income

·   Pay down student loans faster

·   Build or improve my credit

·   Create an emergency fund

·   Know where my money is going

·   Start saving for retirement

·   Make smarter investment choices

·   Calculate and build my net worth

Navigate a Life Transition

·   Prepare for retirement

·   Going through a divorce

·   Loss of job

·   Getting married

·   Starting a family

·   Death of a spouse

·   Caring for a family member

·   Starting a business

·   An unexpected windfall

·   Career change 

Use My Money to Improve My Life

·   Stop trading my time for money

·   Turn my hobby into a living

·   Become more savvy about investing

·   Quality time with friends and family

·   Go back to school

·   Give more to the causes I care about

·   Save for a vacation home

·   Retire early or start a new career

·   Travel more

·   Create a passive income stream 

Manage Your Financial Life On The Go

Our secure online planning tool aggregates what you own and what you owe, all in one place, allowing you to see your complete financial picture from anywhere at anytime. All updated daily.

  • View your total assets, liabilities and net worth
  • Know where your money is going
  • Monitor the performance of your investments including your companies 401(k) plan
  • Track the progress towards achieving your financial goals
  • Work collaboratively in real-time with your Financial Planner

Complimentary Initial Consultation

Before engaging our services we offer a complimentary, no obligation initial consultation where we can chat about your current financial situation, your financial goals and what might be keeping you up at night. We will give you our honest feedback regarding our ability to help you achieve your objectives and address the financial challenges you may be experiencing.

Meet Some of our Financial Planners

Catherine Utley, CFP®


Financial Planning

Steven C. Johnson, ChFC®

Retirement Planning &

Social Security Claiming


Katie E. Moore, CDFA®

Women In Transition

& Certified Divorce

Financial Analyst

Herbert D. Kyles

Millennial Money:

Saving, Investing,

Budgeting & Debt

Your better life is waiting on you. Let's get started.

Where would you like to begin?


Starting at $99

Ideal for those seeking financial guidance in a particular area

Sample advice topics:

  • 401(k) Investment Options
  • Improving Your Credit Score
  • College funding strategies
  • Insurance Coverage Review
  • Student Loan Debt
  • Goal Accumulation Planning
  • Creating a Workable Budget
  • Social Security Options
  • Estate Planning Review
  • Navigating a Life Change


(Depending on the complexity of the advice you’re seeking)

30-60 Minute Initial Consultation

Action Plan & Strategy Creation

30 -60 Minute Review of Financial Plan and Action Steps

30-Day Access to a Financial Planner by Email, Phone, Skype for the topic covered (Up to 30 Minutes)

Schedule A Complimentary
Initial Consultation


Starting at $49 per month

Ideal for those serious about making better financial decisions & designing the life they want

Sample advice topics:

  • Plan Implementation
  • Navigating Life Changes
  • Major Purchase Decisions
  • Building & Improving Credit
  • Your Employee Benefits
  • 401(k) Investment Options
  • Estate Planning Questions
  • Insurance Questions
  • Budgeting & Cash Flow
  • Investing & Tax Questions


Ongoing Access to a Financial Planner by Phone, Email, Skype

Secure Planning Website & Financial Dashboard

On-Going Financial Coaching

Quarterly/Annual Plan Reviews (As applicable)

Accountability check-ins to help you stay on track (If requested)

Schedule A Complimentary
Initial Consultation


Starting at $1,499

Ideal for those who want a holistic review and guidance regarding their complete financial life

What we can cover:

  • Lifestyle and Career Goals
  • Budgeting & Debt Mgmt
  • Cash Flow & Savings Goals
  • Credit Report Review
  • Retirement Planning
  • Income Tax Analysis
  • Estate Planning Strategies
  • Stock Option Planning
  • Insurance Coverage Review
  • Employee Benefits Review


Secure Planning Website & Financial Dashboard

Thorough review and analysis of your complete financial life

Personalized Financial Plan with Clear, Actionable Advice

60-90 Minute Review of Financial Plan & Action Steps

30-Day Email, Phone, Skype Financial Planner support in putting your plan into action (Up to 90 Minutes)


Schedule A Complimentary
Initial Consultation

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